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Current Projects

Awarding Body: ANR Programme: Accueil de Chercheurs de Haut Niveau (ACHN) (France)

Title of Research:  Contested Global Governance, Transformed Global Governors. International Organisations and “Weak” States” (GlobalContest)

People Involved: Oleg Korneev
Years funded for: 42 months (June 2016 – December  2019)
Amount:  € 360 956 



Previous Projects

Awarding Body: Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship (European Commission)
Title of Research:  ‘Knowledgeable’ Governors of Uncertainty? International Organisations in the Absence of a Global Migration Regime (MIGGOV)

People Involved: Oleg Korneev and Andrew Geddes (mentor)
Years funded for: 2 years (September 2013 – August 2015)
Amount:  € 220,000

Awarding Body: European University Institute
Title of Research: The EU, Russia and Shifting Patterns of Migration Management in the Eurasian Migration System
People Involved: Oleg Korneev and Philippe Fargues (mentor)
Years funded for: 2 years (September 2011 – August 2013)
Amount: €50,600

Awarding Body: Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (EUI)
Title of Research: International initiatives and projects against human trafficking and smuggling in Russia and Central Asia (part of MIGMEDCIS project)
People Involved: Oleg Korneev and Agnieszka Weinar (MIGMEDCIS project coordinator)
Years funded for: 2 months (November – December 2012)
Amount: €3,800

Awarding Body: City of Paris Research Council
People Involved: Oleg Korneev and Catherine de Wenden (mentor)
Title of Research: Pushing the Burden to the East and Even Further? Co-opting Russia for the EU Migration Management Strategy and Its Consequences for Central Asia
Years funded for: 1 year (September 2010 – August 2011)
Amount: €30,000